Tips on Wearing Red Formal Shoes

Red formal shoes are an item that just about every woman has stashed in her closet, but even though so many women own them, they don’t wear them that often. The reason for this is usually the same all around – they’re afraid they won’t suit them. The color red is such a bold color, and it can be hard to find an appropriate outfit where they’ll look just right.

Obviously, red shoes are meant to be worn for formal occasions, but you don’t have to only wear them with boutique dresses. You can take those shoes that never get worn out of the back of your closet, dust them off, and wear them every day if you want to. You just need a few tips on what to wear them with so you can feel confident and even sexy while wearing them.

Comfy Red Formal Shoes

If you’d like to wear red ladies shoes during the day, here is one way you can do it while remaining comfortable. Slip on a pair of dark denim jeans and a slightly oversized white button-down shirt. Leave the shirt untucked so it’s loose and comfortable. Accessorize with some metal jewelry such as hoop earrings or a chain necklace, a pair of sunglasses, and a handbag in a neutral tone such as tan. Then all you have left to do is slip them on and you’re all set to spend the day dressed casually and comfortably.

An outfit idea that will leave you even more comfortable than wearing jeans and a loose top is to wear Spring formal dresses that are mainly white with some kind of pattern in it that just has hints of red, something like a floral pattern, but the red in it needs to be kind of subtle. It would also be okay if there were touches of pink shades in the pattern. Then slip into your formal red shoes and go about your day looking cute and stylish. You could also wear a dress that has grey, black, or navy blue colors in it with the red shoes for a stunning look.

red formal shoes 2

Work Appropriate

If you work in an office building and wear suits or other dressy clothes each day, consider wearing those red formal shoes to work. Red shoes are perfect for adding some color to a work outfit that otherwise usually consists of colors like grey, white, tan, or black.

You could wear a pair of women’s black trousers with a white shirt and black blazer and those shoes will add a nice pop of color that adds something interesting to your outfit while still remaining professionally appropriate. Try other color combinations with the shoes, too, such as wearing a grey skirt with a navy blue top.

Going Out Attire

At some point, you will probably have some kind of party to attend, or maybe you just want to hang out with some friends at a club. In those situations, you will need a cocktail dress or even an evening dress, depending on where exactly you are going. While these situations don’t require black-tie appropriate attire, you will still want to look nice. However, these types of situations are great opportunities to go a bit bold and wear something you normally wouldn’t choose to wear.

For instance, you could choose to wear a knee-length fitted dress with long sleeves that have black and silver stripes made up of sequins that sparkle whenever the light reflects off of them. Toss on those red shoes and grab an elegant handbag and you’re all set to spend the night out looking sexy.

Formal Functions

Then, of course, you have the occasions that the shoes were intended to be worn to – formal events. This is where you can pull out that little black dress and toss on those red formal shoes, lightly accessorize with some jewelry, and you’ll have a look that you could never go wrong with. Black is a color that looks amazing on everyone, and when worn with red, the combination is stunning.

red formal shoes 2

Play with Colors

Don’t be afraid to play around with different colors and outfit combinations. You will likely be surprised at how great those red ladies shoes look with clothing you’d have never thought to wear them before. You don’t even have to stick with just the formal shoes. If you have red sandals, wear them more often as well. They would be especially appropriate to wear in the warm months of the years with a pair of shorts, a skirt, or a cute sundress.

One thing you want to try not to do is to wear red on red. For example, if you’re wearing a solid red dress, don’t wear the red shoes as that would make your whole outfit much too overwhelming. Instead, look for a dress that is in another color completely that goes well with red or that it has only tiny amounts of red in it, such as pinstripes or small dots. If that is the case, then wearing the red shoes would be acceptable. The color of the shoes would actually make the small amounts of red in the dress to pop out a bit as well.

In addition, unless it’s the holidays, don’t pair a green dress or pants with the red formal shoes as you will look way to much like you’re going to a holiday party. Believe it or not, women make that mistake every single day, probably because red and green go really well together. The problem is, though, that those colors are too closely associated with the holidays, so you’d end up walking around as if you’d forgotten what month of the year it was. Now that you have some tips on what you can wear with those dusty shoes in your closet, hopefully you will feel more inclined to pull them out once in a while and wear them.