Finding Appropriate Office Attire for Women

If you’re looking for the best office attire for women, you’ll enjoy this detailed guide. We’re here to help you find investment pieces which are perfect for formal, semi-formal and casual days.

When you choose to read our guide, you’ll access practical fashion advice which helps you to make a great impression at work and at career-related social functions. In our image-conscious society, looking good at work is all about choosing formal professional attire and classy separates which are also flattering to your coloring and your body type.

There are smart choices for every type of women. Without further ado, let’s look at the best ways to choose business clothing for women.

Build a Basic Wardrobe of Office Attire for Women

By choosing just a few pieces, you’ll be able to create a variety of outfits for work. While formal attire isn’t usually as versatile, daywear options, such as business suits, shift dresses, blouses, and cardigans, are very versatile indeed and every woman should consider adding these basic pieces to her work wardrobe.

In terms of what to spend more on, a business suit should be at the top of the list. Choose a neutral color which flatters your complexion – charcoal grey is a great choice for ladies with cool coloring, while taupe will look nice on women with warmer coloring. Black is always a safe option, too, as is navy blue.

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Your business suit will form the backbone of your work wardrobe. Choose a trouser suit or a skirt suit in order to create this important backbone. Then, you may mix it up by wearing the pants or skirt with other tops and adding the jacket to other outfits.

Your business suit should be comfortable enough to move around in. You shouldn’t feel too restricted by it!

However, it should still have a tailored look. This means immaculate hems, a constructed shoulder and a top and bottom which hang just right. Fit is really important.

You’ll have a lot of options here. Some business suits are sleek throughout, while others feature looser silhouettes. The most important thing to consider is just how confident a suit makes you feel. When you find the right business suit, you’ll feel powerful. That’s what it’s all about.

Once you have your business suit, choose a formal blouse which is also versatile. Go for a crisp white shirt if you want something totally classic. This type of blouse flatters everyone and sends a message of competence. A solid blouse is probably better than a print, in terms of offering the most options.

As well, select a basic formal dress. It may be a bit brighter than your business suit. For example, a brighter blue or dark red shift dress will look nice and you may add your business suit jacket in order to give it a different look. Most shifts are sleeveless – if you don’t want to show your arms, make a point of choosing a design that has short sleeves, as this will boost your confidence.

To augment your business suit, blouse and shift dress, purchase a cardigan in a fine wool or smooth jersey. It should be fairly fitted, without being tight, and it should hug the body. You may wear it over your dress, with your skirt or pants, etc. It’s a great basic which is ideal for days when you don’t want the sharp tailoring of your business jacket. In terms of colors, try to find a cardigan which coordinates with your business suit and dress. This will allow you to look pulled-together at all times, no matter how you combine pieces.

These pieces are perfect choices for a business wardrobe and having them all on hand will help you to get dressed in the morning, without hemming, hawing and trying on all sorts of things. You’ll be able to add more pieces later, but this is definitely enough to get you started.

Adapt your basic wardrobe for casual days by adding a simple t-shirt to your pants and skirt or by putting a feminine, floaty dress under your cardigan. Your white blouse will pair well with jeans for a casual Friday look that is still very polished.

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Women’s Semi-Formal & Formal Wear Should Be Elegant

In terms of semi-formal and formal wear, go for elegance. There are plenty of over-busy evening options for women. In general, when it comes to making a positive impression at semi-formal and formal events, refined elegance is a lot better than sparkles, beads and revealing gowns.

Semi-formal usually means knee-length, so do consider picking up a classic little black dress. You may accessorize it by adding jewelry and accessories to your knee-length black dress. It should hug the body without being too tight and it should not have a very low neckline. Sleeveless is okay if your arms are something that you like to show – however, it may be more elegant to choose a design with elbow-length or full-length sleeves. Less is more when it comes to presenting a professional image at semi-formal events.

For formal wear, go for something full-length. Red is a stunning choice, as long as it’s fluid and not too revealing. A red dress won’t need much adornment. The color is the focus. Also, you don’t need to load on red lipstick with a red dress. You may choose natural makeup for more refinement.

If red isn’t your color, choose a shade that you love to wear and that you’ve gotten compliments on in the past. You probably already know which colors are best for you. If you don’t, Google “Color Me Beautiful”. This business helps women to find their ideal palettes, based on their natural skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors.

Why Not Start Shopping Today?

Hopefully, our guide has given you the practical fashion advice that you need to find the best office attire for women. We know that building a work wardrobe is important and we really want to help. Our guide is simple, yet effective. It will allow you to focus on finding exceptional pieces which make you look very professional and impressive. So, why not use our tips to build the perfect work wardrobe today?