Satin Blouses for Different Occasions

Satin blouses for women can add a dressy aspect to just about any kind of ladies outfit, but they are also suitable for wearing in a casual manner as well. They are very versatile and they are even a great alternative to wearing silk because satin is more affordable than most silk garments. However, many women are hesitant to wear satin tops because they are not sure exactly what to wear with the tops or really how to make them work as an outfit.

These tops are available in a variety of styles from pullovers to button downs, sleeveless to long-sleeved shirts, and everything in between. When you are contemplating wearing or buying a satin top it’s important to consider the other items you have in your wardrobe that you could pair the top with, and it’s also important to consider where you might wear the top. For instance, will you be wearing it to work in an office or another professional environment? Or will you be wearing it for evenings out and other special occasions? Or do you think you will wear it more often on a casual basis?

While you can make satin blouses work for any of these types of occasions, you will want to consider where you might wear it the most, and then if another occasion comes up, you will always have it in your closet to wear at any time you wish. Listed below are 5 different ways you can style a satin top for different occasions.

Going Out to Dinner with Friends

This is an example of a more casual setting where a satin top would be appropriate to wear. There are a number of choices you have as far as what to pair your top with depending on the location where the dinner will take place. You could throw on a pair of jeans and a nice pair of flats or heels for a casual, yet dinner-appropriate look. You could also choose to wear a pair of cropped pants, which would go great with most styles of satin blouses. You can also layer the top with a tank shirt or camisole underneath it and allow the top to flow loosely.

Satin Blouses 2

Having Evening Cocktails

If you and your friends are planning a girls’ night out, you could wear your satin shirt and pair it with a nice skirt. For the best look, make sure the skirt and the blouse are in contrasting colors that complement each other. For instance, the skirt might be black and the top might be a creamy white. Complete the look with a pair of black tights and a comfortable pair of heels. You can also use the satin shirt as a top layer over a pretty dress if you so choose.

Seeing the Sights

For a more casual day, such as when you might be out running errands or even visiting the local museums or other attractions around town, you can wear a comfortable pair of jeans or other comfortable pants and wear the satin shirt underneath a nice sweater or a vest and complete the look with a pair of simple flats. If it is a button-down style shirt, you could also wear it unbuttoned over a tank shirt with jeans and flats.

Going to Work

There are many different outfit options for wearing a satin shirt to work no matter the style or color of the shirt itself. You can pair it with dress pants, a pant suit, or even a skirt and obtain the professional appearance that is appropriate for the workplace. You can choose to wear heels or flats or whatever style shoe goes best with the overall outfit you’ve chosen. Most styles of satin tops are completely acceptable to wear to work; however, some may look better when worn with a suit jacket while others may look better when worn alone.

Hanging Out with Kids

Whether you’re at home, picking the kids up from school, or taking the kids to the park, there’s no reason why you can look nice and be comfortable at the same time. You can pair your satin shirt with comfy leggings and flats. This style will allow you to feel nice about the way you look, while still being able to play with the kids without worrying about ruining your outfit.

How to Care for Satin

One other reason that women may decide to forgo the satin shirt for another fabric type is that most satin items require a bit more maintenance than other fabrics. You should always check the specific care instructions given on your particular item, but most satin items should be hand washed or washed on the delicate cycle in the machine in cold water.

Satin Blouses 3

You should never wring out or twist satin or you could risk stretching it and causing it to lose its shape. Instead, you should lay it flat on top of a towel and roll the towel up to squeeze out any excess water.Then unroll the towel, remove the shirt, and lay it on another towel to finish drying.

While this sounds inconvenient, it really isn’t that much additional work, and if you think about it, you probably have quite a few clothing items in your closet that require similar care, such as sweaters that you probably wear quite often in the colder months of the year. You probably also have clothing that has to be dry cleaned, which many people also view as an inconvenience, but that doesn’t stop them from buying the suits they need for work.

The next time you’re browsing through your closet or the racks at the clothing store and you come across those satin blouses that look really pretty on the hanger, go ahead and try on one and mix and match it with other items that you might wear for different occasions. Chances are that you’ll come up with more than one combination that makes you look great and will suit at least a couple of the occasions listed above.