Look Great Wearing Flat Formal Shoes

Many women believe that they can’t wear flat formal shoes and still look as good as they would if they were in heels. Heels give women’s legs more shape and they make them appear longer. Not to mention that heels give added height so the shorter women can feel taller while wearing them. Heels add that final touch to the formal ensemble and leave women feeling elegant.

Unfortunately, there are some women who can’t wear heels for one reason or another or those who don’t like to wear heels so they’re the only option is to wear flats and that creates a bit of disappointment in them because flats just don’t have the same effect that heels do. Or so some women think. There are ways you can wear flat formal women’s shoes and still look just as great as you would if you were in heels.

Styles of Flat Shoes

Many flats are sometimes referred to as ballet flats because they closely resemble the shape and design of ballet shoes. However, there are other styles of flats as well, such as open-toe or even formal sandals. Within each category of styles are individual styles and designs that take what might have been plain, everyday flat shoes for women and transform them into something that is appropriate to wear for formal occasions.

The trick to finding them is to look for ones that have some depth to their design. You would do better to go for a pair that has been glammed up with embellishments like sequins, small rhinestones or crystals, or a decorative embroidery design on them. In addition, staying away from the faux leather is a great idea. Instead, go for ones made with a higher end fabric such as satin, silk, real leather, or even suede.

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You should also choose a pair of ladies formal shoes that have a more feminine look to them, such as a pair with a thin strap that goes across the top of the foot or a more pointed toe as opposed to a rounded toe. The pointed toe gives a more formal appearance to them. However, keep in mind that the pointier the toe is, the less room there will be inside the shoes on your own toes, so they may end up getting squished and causing discomfort.

Match the Shoes to the Dress

If you’re worried about how your flat formal shoes are going to look with your fancy formal dress, then you could always wear a dress that sweeps the floor so your shoes will be hidden from obvious sight. Keep in mind, however, that the lengths of a lot of formal dresses are designed with the idea that the women wearing them will be wearing high heeled shoes underneath, so you may need to have a dress hemmed to shorten it so you won’t be dragging unnecessary amounts of the dress across the floor or tripping it over it all night.

If wearing a floor-length dress is not an option for you, or if you already have a dress that is much shorter making it difficult to hide the look of your shoes, then there are some things you can do to draw less attention to what’s on your feet and more attention to that beautiful evening dress you’re wearing.

One thing you can do if your dress is a darker color that goes well with black is to wear a pair of black pantyhose along with a pair of black flats. This will help to pull attention away from your feet because the black of the pantyhose will travel down into the black of the shoes and it won’t be so obvious that you’re not wearing high heels. This will also help to make you look taller, so it’s worth giving it a try if you’re a petite woman who wishes she could wear heels if for nothing else than to have the additional height.

To draw more attention toward the top portion of your body and away from your feet, you can wear a dress that has some fancier elements on the bodice of the dress, such as lace, sequins, crystals, or some other type of embellishments. In addition, you can wear an attractive necklace, creating a focal point up toward your face so no one will even notice your shoes.

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Women’s Dress Shoes without Heels

If you cringe at the thought of wearing a pair of regular flat shoes to your special occasion, keep in mind that there are an abundance of styles available for you to choose from, and you can find some pretty fancy and even outrageous designs and styles of flats. However, you also have the option of wearing a pair of fancy formal sandals instead.

There are so many beautiful styles of sandals that you’re sure to find something that matches your dress and that you will fall in love with. A pair of sandals with a thin sole should be high on your list of must-haves as they create a more formal and feminine look than a pair of sandals with a thick, chunky sole does. In addition, the thinner the straps are on the shoes, the more feminine and formal they will look as well. You can find sandals with beautiful artistic designs that go across the top of the foot from the toes to the ankles, such as flowers or fancy beadwork.

Something to keep in mind is that if your pretty dress for special occasions has a lot of busyness to it, especially on the bodice, then you should keep them a bit more on the simpler side. Wearing a pair of shoes with an exotic, busy design with a dress of the same nature is going to look wrong because there will be too much going on. If your dress is kind of plain and there isn’t much going on with it, then wearing a pair of sandals or flat formal shoes with lots of embellishments will look just fine.