Choosing Formal Trousers for Women

Trying to find formal trousers for women that look professional, yet are stylish and comfortable to wear, can sometimes be a difficult task. You want trousers that are right for your body type and look flattering. There are a number of different styles to choose from, but not all of them will look good on your body type. Don’t let this frustrate you, though, because there is a style of trouser that will flatter your body shape, look professional, and feel comfortable all at the same time.

The best way to find formal trousers for women is to measure your hips and waist to determine the size you should be wearing. However, sizes can vary from brand to brand, so even though you may wear a small in one brand of trousers, in another you may wear a medium because of how they are made. Trying on pants before buying them is a good idea to ensure the pants will fit you appropriately and will still look flattering on your body.

If you want to hide trouble areas, such as your thighs or your bottom, pants made with cotton twill and wool are excellent fabrics for concealing those trouble spots. You should stay away from pants that are made with Lycra because they have a habit of clinging to your body and will show problem areas pretty obviously. Trousers that are made with two layers of fabric, such as a lining and an outer material, are perfect for keeping those problem areas hidden because the lining keeps the outer layer of fabric from clinging to your body and gives a smoother appearance.

Formal Trousers for Women 2

Choosing pants with the right kind of waistline is also important for maintaining a flattering look. If the trousers have a high waistline, then they’re going to stress the fact that you may not have a flat stomach. A waistline that is too low is going to cause your stomach to hang over the waist of the pants and is not going to look very appealing. Your best bet to hide a not-so-flat belly is to choose trousers that have waistlines that sit right underneath your belly button.

Straight Leg Pants

Trousers with straight legs look good on almost any body type. This style of pants is cut so that the leg is the same width from the hem all the way up. Straight leg trousers are the perfect style to hide any imperfections, especially thicker thighs, and they give your body a more slender appearance.

Boot Cut Pants

These are designed very similarly to straight leg pants, except the legs flare out slightly at the bottom. This flare allows the pants to fit nicely over a pair of boots. They work for most body types and also provide a more slender appearance. While they are designed to be worn with boots, they also look nice with a pair of heels or other dress shoes.

Gaucho Pants

Gaucho pants are an excellent choice for formal trousers for women. They are cropped similarly to Capri pants, but the legs are much wider and flare out at the bottom and flow nicely. While these are pants, the style they have makes them look very much like a skirt. Gaucho pants don’t always work well for all body types, however. Women with long legs can pull off wearing any style and color, but women with shorter legs should only choose longer pants and should stick to lighter colors. Darker colored gaucho pants on women with shorter or heavier legs would cause body proportions to look uneven.

Skinny Pants

Skinny pants have very slim legs and are very form-fitting; therefore, they are best worn by women with slender figures. They can be found in a variety of materials and colors and can be worn for everyday casual and business casual.

Wide Leg Pants

These are made similar to straight leg trousers except the legs are much wider. They aren’t the best choice for tall, slender women because the pants will give the appearance that the top half of their body is smaller than the bottom half. These pants are excellent for hiding any imperfections or for downplaying curves. Wide leg pants can make shorter people look taller and they also give a slim appearance. They often come as part of a suit, but can also be bought separately and worn for any type of occasion.

Best Formal Trousers for Women

Formal Trousers for Women 3

Formal women’s trousers look most professional when they are solid colors or even pinstripes. You don’t want to choose a pair of trousers that have patterns and designs or pants that are bold and bright in color. Simple is always better. Darker colors like black, blue, and brown are the most professional-looking colors to choose. However, white and tan pants are also a good color choice for various occasions and when styled with the right style and color of tops and shoes. You can read more about business attire for women in this post.

You will want to have several pairs of trousers to wear to work, but you want to take your time picking out the right ones instead of just grabbing a few pairs off of the sales rack and going with whatever style they are. Formal women’s trousers need to look just as professional on your body as they do on the rack in the store, and not all of them will. You’ll also need to choose a weather-appropriate pair of trousers.

Wearing trousers that are nice in style and color and that fit your body appropriately is important for looking professional so you will be taken more seriously. If you walk into work wearing trousers that just don’t fit right, it’s going to be noticeable and you may give off the wrong impression. Besides just looking professional, you want to feel good about yourself, especially if you have business meetings to go to. If you feel good about the way you look, that confidence will show to the people you work with and it will make them respect you more.

Regardless of your body shape or size, there are trousers out there that are going to fit you properly. You may just have to search a while and try on a lot of different pants to find the ones that work best for you, but you will get better at finding them with a bit of practice. Keep in mind that if pants tend to be a bit long on you, it is very easy to hem most pants to a length that suits you. Making sure the fit is right in the waist, hips, and thighs is more important than the length, since that is an easy fix in most cases.