5 Great Tips for Buying Women’s Suits

Shopping for women’s suits can be a frustrating process because you want one that looks stylish and professional but is also comfortable, fits well and has some versatility. There is also cost and the budget you have to spend on clothing to consider. Listed below are 5 great tips for buying suits for women.

While you should always try to have one or two suits that match, it’s a good idea to buy several separate pieces so you have more versatility when wearing them. For instance, if you have a black suit skirt, you can pair it with any of your suit jackets, such as a red or blue suit jacket.

If you have one or two matching business suits, you can change the look of them by wearing different blouses or sweaters underneath the jacket, by wearing different colored pantyhose, and different styles and colors of heels. So even though you may wear the same suit frequently, it will never look the same because you will always be changing up the accessory clothing pieces. Having a variety of pants, as well as skirts that go with at least one of your suit jackets, is a good idea as well. This is another great way to change up your daily look.

Make the Most of Your Body Type

Some styles look better on particular body types, and if you buy a business suit that doesn’t fit your body type, it may make it hang strangely on you causing it to look less professional. If you want it to look flattering then choose the style that is right for you.

If you are a woman with larger hips, buying a pant suit with legs that slightly flare at the bottom will work best to even out your proportions. In addition, women that are petite should buy women’s suits with jackets that stop right at or just below the hips, which will give you the appearance of being taller. A-line and pencil skirts, as well as skirts with vertical stripes, will also help to make petite women look taller. Pencil skirts as well as straight-leg pants work well for almost all body types.

Women's Suits 2

Wear Neutral Colors

When buying ladies suits, you should stick neutral colors such as black, grey, or navy if you want the suits to go with pretty much any color blouses and shoes that you have in your closet. This will decrease the number of items you have to purchase for business wear. Other colors are fine to wear as well, but they may not go with the shirts and shoes that you already have, meaning you may have to purchase blouses, sweaters, and shoes that will go with those particular colors.

You should also stick to buying solid color suits that have very subtle patterns are fine too. You don’t want the pattern to appear distracting, and when viewed from a distance, it should appear a solid color. The pattern shouldn’t be apparent until you are standing close to it.

If you do choose women’s suits with patterns, you will want to inspect the suit thoroughly to ensure the pattern along the seams are lined up correctly. The patterns should match on both sides of the seams and the pattern across the lapels should be symmetrical.

Aim for Comfort

They should fit comfortably. Since you will be wearing these suits for a good part of your day every day, you want a women’s business suit that isn’t constricting or stiff and that fits with comfort but still appears professional and stylish.

The skirt or pants shouldn’t be tight enough to cause a muffin top. A good rule of thumb to go by is to buy the skirt or pants an inch larger in the waist, or large enough to fit two fingers between your skin and the waistband. This will allow the skirt or pants to fit comfortably, still allowing room to tuck in a blouse, and still be loose enough that you can move well in it and the life isn’t getting sucked out of your stomach all day long.

The jackets should fit nicely, but should not be too tight either. For long sleeves, the cuff should stop below your wrist, but shouldn’t be long enough to reach the pad of your thumb. In addition, when you bend your arm while wearing a long sleeved jacket, it should not feel as if there is a tourniquet wrapped around your arm above your elbow.

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Don’t Spend Too Much

Women’s suits can range in price from $50 or $60 on the really cheap side to thousands of dollars on the high-end designer side. The ones that you buy will depend on what your budget is like. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a suit that is stylish and professional, as there are much cheaper suits for women that are made just as well as the high-end women’s professional suits.

You also need to take into consideration how many you want or need as well as the occasion. For every day wear around the office, you might want to purchase a few ladies business suits on the cheaper side and then have one or two more that you wear strictly for things like meetings, court appearances, or other important events. This is also when buying separate suit pieces comes in handy because you can wear the same pieces again and again, but when mixed and matched with other pieces, it will always look like you’re wearing a different outfit.

If you have any doubts about whether the women’s suits you are considering buying will work for you or not, you may want to consider talking with a professional stylist who can guide you with finding a good fit your body style. You need to feel comfortable whilst looking professional and stylish.