10 Ways to Accessorize a Long Sleeve Little Black Dress

The long sleeve little black dress is probably the most versatile clothing item you will ever have in your closet. You can wear it to any kind of event or for any occasion by just adding or changing up a few accessories. First of all, black is the color that is suitable for all occasions and that will go with anything else you wear with it. You can transform that dress from something simple into something glamorous in just a matter of minutes.

It is one piece of clothing that every woman must have in her closet at all times because it’s always the go-to dress for any event that comes up unexpectedly that you don’t have time to shop for something specific to wear, too. It will always be in style, no matter how many years you hang onto it. All you need to do to change the look of the dress is to accessorize it using one or more of the 10 ways listed below.

1. Change the look of your long sleeve little black dress in an instant by simply wrapping a belt around your waist. It’s the perfect touch to spruce up the outfit for a dinner or even for drinks with friends. You can create different looks with different belts each time you wear it like this. You can pick a wide belt with a large decorative buckle, or choose a narrower belt with a buckle that has a bit of a sparkle to it. Alternate the colors of the belts you wear with it as well. Wear a gold belt one time and then the next time where a red or purple belt.

2. Wear a beautiful brooch to add a bit of color to the black. You can pin the brooch near the top of your outfit, or pin it to your belt. It’s a look that can be completed in the time it takes to reach into your jewelry box and attach it to your outfit. Go for a brooch that has a bit of sparkle or shine with some color to make it stand out.

long sleeve little black dress 2

3. Tie a beautiful, colorful scarf loosely around your neck or even your waist. Tying the scarf around your neck will attract eyes upward toward your face while tying the scarf around your waist will bring the focus to your slender midsection. Either way, the pop of color the scarf will provide against the black will add a touch of individualized style and will be suitable for any number of occasions.

4. Use footwear and handbags to change the look of your little black dress with long sleeves. Wear brighter colored shoes and carry handbags in bold colors which will contrast nicely with the black of your dress. This is a great way to experiment with different looks and can either be dressed up or down to fit whatever occasion or event you need it to.

5. Wear beautiful pearls around your neck. A simple black outfit can be fancied up easily with just the simplicity of a pearl necklace. Pearls will create an elegant look when offset against the black material. This look would do for a meeting with a client, a night out on the town, or even for a wedding.

6. Accessorize the look with a light colored blazer. This is the perfect style for a business meeting or other important event. Throwing on a white or another light-colored blazer over your black dress will provide you with a professional corporate appearance.

7. Wear a large bib necklace with a cute pair of pumps. A look like this is perfect for holiday events or corporate parties. Chances are, if you don’t have a bib necklace, you have another large necklace that you’ve never worn because you didn’t know what it would ever go well with. Well, now you’ve found it. Pair it with that lovely black number and you have yourself the perfect dress for a party coming up.

8. Toss a shawl or lightweight sweater over your shoulders and you have the perfect casual date outfit. It’s not too dressy but it’s not too plain either. It’s an excellent choice for an outdoorsy event like a walk on the beach late at night or a stroll through the city hand-in-hand.

9. For a more dramatic look, complete the outfit with a brightly colored trench coat or a winter coat with a fur collar. This would make for an interesting outfit to wear to a fine-dining restaurant or to the theater. You’ll have heads turning with this look for sure.

long sleeve little black dress 3

10. To make the long sleeve little black dress more suitable for a casual occasion, grab a long sleeve button down shirt out of your closet (or even your husband or boyfriend’s closet), put it on and tie the bottom of the shirt in the front, leaving the buttons undone. Toss on a pair of comfortable flats or sandals, and you have an everyday look that can be worn to the store or even to a movie with some friends.

There are much more ways you can accessorize your long sleeve little black dress to suit any occasion just right. That is one of the reasons why black dresses are such a wonderful thing to have hanging in your closet at all times. They go with everything and they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the accessories you use. The looks above can even be changed further depending on whether you wear pantyhose or not. And, if you do wear pantyhose, the look can be changed even more by the color of the pantyhose you choose to put on.

Regardless of the time of the year or what the weather is like outside, that dress will get you through all year long. If you don’t have a long sleeve black dress in your closet right now, you need to go get one as soon as possible because it will always be there to save you in a last-minute situation.